Integrating Technology

Engaged Employees are hard to find so we provide you engaged consultants to make your dream business grow as their own.

ReInventing Traditional Software Development with Itoid Services

At Shrewdify we work with you like your own Itoid and be a goto point for all your technology needs. We first understand your vision and covert it into a soild architecture which will be the foundation for your product. Then we assign an engaged team for your business which develops the product before schedule, in budget and in scope. Before delivering the product our quality engineers check the product to maintain best quality according to current market trends and your business needs. After delivery our team will assist you with any operational tasks if necessary.

In this whole process our team will maintain clear and up to date communication and this interaction minimizing the risks and maximizes the output software with best quality.

Itoid Model

Itoid is a Artificially Intelligent Entity providing IT Services.With our Itoid model in-place our staff sees your product with your eyes and develops it your heart giving you full satisfaction in the end. Our business model and service process gives us edge over competition allowing us to be a leader in the field. We deal with businesses of all sorts, providing a variety of services to ensure your company information is secure and your business operations stay up and running around the clock.

Application Development

Shrewdify Application development service is designed to envision, design and build effective applications that help you address functional gaps and achieve business goals. We provide Itoid IT consulting services for large-scale, distributed and socially engaging web and mobile platforms. As technical consultants, we understand your business vision to convert it into an optimized technical execution strategy. Next, we get you an optimized quotation and an optimized project execution plan. Up on acceptance we direct our in-house development team to make your vision into a real product.

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IT Strategy Consulting

Shrewdify uses our Itoid model to understand your business and suggest you best technical solution that can make your business run more smoothly and effectively. This involves in-depth technical conversion, technical feasibility analysis, and R&D to validate the business use-case with regard to the proposed technology.Then we provide you with a project execution plan.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence as the name suggests is art of gaining intelligence about a business. Why do we need intelligence about a business?, the answer is quite obvious that is to grow the business in terms of profits, resources, equity, sales etc. At Shrewdify we use modern AI tools and techniques to give you how your business can be grown in future based on the past and present of the market trends. A small change in your business operations can get you huge profits.

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System Modernization

If your product is running on old technologies, and this is becoming a fallback for you, then we at Shrewdify use our Itoid model to help you modernize your software platform. We can make a new product with latest technology but exactly like your old product giving you more efficient, high performance , easily manageable, widely understandable product.

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