System Modernization - Rewrite history for better future

Software systems are very critical part in operations of most enterprises. To make a minor change to software code tend to be a very major change in the whole enterprise level. We at Srewdify make any System modernization process a hassle free, smooth, fruitful without any concerns. We make sure that the process results in acceptable level of operational risk by modernizing your software systems incrementally.
Our methodology is to fragment the old software system into smaller modules and each increment is completed, the percentage of old software code decreases. Eventually, the system is completely modernized. We ensure our migration strategy maintains you system fully functional during the modernization effort.

After System modernization

Modernization Options


Migration of languages, databases, platform, using automated parsers and converters for high efficiency. This is quick and cost-effective way of transforming legacy systems.


Rebuild legacy applications in a new technology or platform, with same or enhanced functionality by adopting Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This is the most efficient and agile way of transforming legacy applications.


Business logic is preserved as application and data are migrated into the open environment. This option only needs the replacement of middleware, hardware, operating system, and database.

Why our modernization services are best in the market?

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