What our clients say about Shrewdify

2K Australia

Completely stunned with the robust architecture planning, technological competency of the team, and also with their flexibility and overall speed of progress.

XS Cargo

Their problem solving skills and expertise has been extraordinary. Nitin is a real gem and a true professional.


Shrewdify set a benchmark in the Industry Standards. They have made remarkably smooth development and launch of __, and I could not have chosen a more cost effective team to develop.

Asya Bank

Capable of developing creative solutions. Understands and effectively solves problems instead of focusing on the symptoms. Look out for creative solutions with a practical approach towards problem solving.


Consistently provides support to the team with the required resources to achieve results.Looks out for new approaches and ideas.

BH Airlines

One thing I love about this company is they don't shy away from opnion. They tell people what they need to know to be the best version of themselves and I really appreciate that.


It is one thing to hire a professional vender to create YOUR vision. It is another thing entirely, to hire a team of people who share that vision with you and genuinely want to see it excel and I got this positive experience only from Shrewdify because of Nitin


A completely unique organization. I appreciate your brain power and your creative approach.


Marvelous services with extremely satisfying results


In only few months, we added more than estimated customers to our list using Shrewdify's SEO services. We strongly recommend it!


The vibe, level of inquiry, feedback, and traffic at our presentations and our newly designed booth at a recent conference was very positive and all credit goes to Shrewdify and there team


Ever since we opted for services from Shrewdify we have seen a increase in speed of releases and our employees are fully satisfied with support they get from Shrewdify Team


The only thing I regret about using Shrewdify services is not doing it sooner! I've tried various service provides and none of them had the ability to deliver what exactly I need. There team not only helped me to make my site fast but also integrated cool customer driven features, I recommend them for delivering fantastic service and for just being awesome!


I’m really looking forward to use Shrewdify services for my upcoming projects. I work with like-minded business owners like Nitin and though we all have common ground, each one is unique in their own way. Each one has different goals, personalities, and talents and being able to have a GO-TO theme that I know I can delivery the uniqueness they are seeking is a beautiful thing for my business and theirs!


They were always available to answer any questions we have promptly. They did an excellent job hosting our site and I would highly recommend them to others looking for a design and development team.


Shrewdify has allowed us to create stunning pages for multiple sites of ours The best part is their optimization techniques and skilly resources. Highly recommended!

Myspace Records

Shrewdify is really driving towards constant innovation. It would definitely be at a disadvantage if you did not have them setup an automation platform for your releases


Shrewdify consulting service not only made our sites much more efficient but also made our development process more streamlined. When I approached Shrewdify, my company’s site needed a complete reworking and I can confidently say they did a wonderful job and fixing all the functional issues in my site any the same time gave an awesome look and feel to my site. I highly recommend them for there web development services

CNW Research

Everyone I’ve worked with at Srewdify, from manager to technical support, has proven they really care about my success


Shrewdify is a trusted partner who is particularly talented at meeting the needs of clients, independent of size. Their team is notably accomplished in software design and well-versed in the latest technologies.

Millennium Entertainment

Their analytics team helped me convey complex points and wow my audience with sumptuous visuals. It’s a great way to stand out during presentations that really matter.


If I have to follow suggestions in future on my technology I would without a doubt go to Shrewdify and their team


Very smart technical team and greate collaborative and constructive work

Delta bank

Shrewdify company really understand the financial services industry, and have been able to address our multiple marketing needs exceptionally well.

MC Sports

We started using Shrewdify services and it has been very useful for release process. It allows us to make impressive features in our sites that become meaningful sales

Dickstein Shapiro

Brings new ideas and techniques to promote collaboration within the team.

Fao Schwarz

Shrewdify support team has been always quick to address any technical issues. And fixes them in no time


Our website was designed and delivered in less than 8 weeks with design and programming from Shrewdify

First Job in Sports

Shrewdify helped in collecting resumes from sutdents though our site and there resume management solution made us to keep everything in a centralized location, so we don't have to spend time as a team looking around for resumes anymore.

Fly Salone

Shrewdify added balance between ease of use and power features to hire effectively in our employee aqusition module, and also they provided a great vendor experience

Spark Unlimited

Nitin is very talented person and knows how to seggregate and maintain a higly skilled team of professionals to provide wonderful and efficient services to clients like me, and save they both time, resources and stress


They are so much more efficient and easy for goto metality. They saved at least 10 hours a month for each of our resources saving us lots of money

Mega Maldives Airlines

Capable of being entrusted with bigger assignments and projects.


Easily manages support for all my products in one place.


There team are very communicative at every aspect of developing process and highly creative too


They reduced customer service costs by almost 80%. I’d like you to know how happily surprised I am with the communication, professionalism and the overall positive manner I experienced with Shrewdify's Team.


Shrewdify made technology so simple for us that we do not even check what technology trends are going on. Shrewdify manages everything. All I have to do is pay them and give them decisions on there suggestions


I've used other software providers and I'm really happy to have switched to Shrewdify. It’s the best software providers for my company. They are easy to understand, there process is well designed and there solutions precisely tailored to my needs. Awesome services.


I knew it was just what we needed for an upcoming global learning and development program

Move Electronics

In addition to an innovative look that reflects our mission, the analytics Shrewdify provided gives us the insight we need to move prospects and clients to the next step.

Oculus story studio

Made customer support simple by choosing Shrewdify services

Pacific Data Images

After 3 problematic years we finally found Shrewdify. Up to date it has been a pleasure working with them.


Kicked complicated enterprise software to the curb.

Sports Chalet

Shrewdify came up with the smart design on their first try, delivered the complete package on a reasonable budget, and continued to fine-tune it.

Tiger Direct

There’s nothing better than a high-impact presentation to strengthen, promote or build a brand. With Shrewdify Business Intelligence services we not only have visual support, but also the analytics to know exactly what interests our customers.

West Virginia Media

Their superb technical capabilities , combined with creative insights make them a great partner.

Wings of Alaska

We were especially pleased with their technical acumen and acquired knowledge of our product. The combination made for a highly collaborative working relationship in the whole process.

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