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We are a biggest pool of resources who expertise in Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Manage technical complexities and harness the speed of technology innovation

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When you make a phone call to someone or go to a hospital for treatment, chances are you are being touched by software technology development by Shrewdify. As Itoid(Intelligent IT Services Entity) we are experts at managing technological infrastructure which include Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning, DApps and create unique and ultimate digital experiences for the web and mobile using the latest of architectures,software development methodologies and integration tools.

Our Itoid model helps our clients to forget the stress in coping up with latest trends in software technology for business growth. Using our Itoid model we do a detail research of your market and suggest innovative solutions that suits best for your business while cutting your costs, minimizing risk and maximizing output.

We help modernize legacy and traditional enterprise applications to help our clients achieve high performance, end-to-end innovation and exceed objectives and expectations.


Technology just gets better and better by the day, if your organization isn’t keeping up with it, you will surely give an advantage to one of your competitors.

Want to know how we can help you tackle this problem in a cost effective and time efficient manner?.

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Since 2014, Shrewdify has built a reputation for success using our Itoid model by integrating our team with offshore enterprises and taking care of complete technology part for companies of all sizes across multiple industries. Our continuing success has been achieved by our Professional Services practice. From strategic consulting to successful design, development, implementation and management of software, Shrewdify’s team of technology professionals is the right choice for your business. We expertise in technologies like Blockchain , Developing DApps, Artificial Intelligent Chat Bots and Program with Learning Capabilities with Machine Learning

  • Focused Attention
  • Coping up with latest technologies
  • Global Resources
  • Cost- Effective Software Solutions
  • Time- Efficient delivery
  • Collaborative & Responsive

We do Apps for

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Science
Internet of Things
Augemented Reality
E Social & Professional Networking
Chats and Chat Bots
HealthCare & Insurance

Stay focused on business

While our Itoid model takes care of every technological aspect of your business you can focus on other aspects.You can rest easy knowing we have experience working with numerous platforms and applications, as well as with small and large networks.

No project is too small or company too large for us when it comes to creating IT solutions and providing IT support.

Our Story

As a technology integrator we focus on providing unique technical solutions for clients throughout the world. Our Itoid Model has proved perfect for all clients needs and challenges. When it comes to keeping pace with today's technology, our team is the best.

We are the IT consulting partner for companies of different sizes, cultures, products and time zones. With the dedication of our multi-cultural team and best of the best practices we provide top notch services which can cut your cost, minimize risk and maximize output.

We emerged ourselves to develop applications for Mobiles, Tablets, Desktop, Wearable, Drones, Robots.

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Success Stories

Shrewdify has provided tremendous value to us with there Itoid model. They’re a very honest company. Overhead is relatively low because they do all the work internally, rather than outsourcing it to subcontractors. CTO at UniphyHealth - Ed Guy
They came in at cost and with a functional product that met our end-goals. One of the big things is, people will often see the website and ask who made it or how much did we spend. They’re very impressed with the software and visual quality of the work. That certainly demonstrates the impact of their visual design work. Founder of The Infield Group - Chris Celiberti

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Its not just a business to us to help our clients its our passion that goes with us

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