Flexibility is the key for a successful technology partnership

Flexible and Suitable Models

Its always the first step for Customer Success to choose the engagement model. With our best customer engagement models we can scale a team and provide a consistently great customer experience. We all provide engagement models – some of us provide better models than others. A good customer engagement model is obligated to be flexible in two key ways:

Our engagement models at Shrewdify are focused on flexibility. We realize that customer’s requirements can change on a case to case basis and at different points of time. Some customers want to expand their in-house team to manage spurts in work and some customers want to manage an offshore team for better outcome in both cases they detect that a partnership with Shrewdify helps them rapidly scale up their operations.

Models for choice

Fixed Pricing

Recommended when
  • Project requirements are very clear
  • Scope of project changes are minimal
  • Already have experience with our team

Fixed cost schedule based on milestones

  • If customer would be able to fully engage in development process agile would be possible
  • Maximum saving potential as it is our obligation to deliver in-time on-budget
  • Pre-estimated cost for desired software quality
  • Project would be delivered within the specified time frame.

Based on the project specifications from customers, we propose a technical solution document covering specifications documentation, visual aspects, software architecture, use-cases, change management, communication protocols if any. Our business analysts will work in collaboration with customers to create planning document covering realistic software development plan based on project’s complexity, planned budget and proposed time-lines if any. Our analysts will analyze and provide a breakdown of all technical operations that will be performed along with the respective commercial details.

Flexible Pricing

Recommended when
  • Project requirements are unclear
  • There is scope for project changes
  • Starting up an idea
  • Undocumented business processes
  • Required to use emerging technologies
  • It is Proof of concept
  • Project is research oriented

Periodical cost schedule based on the resource usage, type of resource, time utilization.

  • Freedom of scope modification during execution
  • Maximum saving potential as it is our obligation to deliver in-time on-budget
  • Regular updates on progress based on which customer can plan ahead to squeeze or dilate the project.
  • Precise control over processes and resources
  • Customer can focus on in-house resources and business strategies while monitoring costs and checking progress on technology development.

We propose a solution document created by our technology experts based on the project requirements from customers. Post which our business analysts will create planning document covering realistic schedule based on project’s complexity and budget. Our analysts will analyze and provide a breakdown of all operations that will be performed along with the respective commercial details. Whenever the scope of project changes a re-iteration of whole process will occur and updated information is provided to customer.

Pay per hire

Recommended when
  • Want to setup offshore team
  • Resources required for tasks rather than whole project
  • Refactoring project developed by other parties
  • Small projects(Less than month)

Daily or hourly rates based on type of project resource utilized.

  • Scope for change of resources based on usage
  • Maximum saving potential due to timely usage of resource
  • Access to a highly skilled resource pool having expertise across a wide range of technologies and domains.
  • Precise control over resource management

Based on the customer requirement in terms of project volume, technology, complexity and infrastructure a Service Level Agreements is provided to determine team composition as well as working methodology. The project resource roles and skills matrix define the costing.

Subscription Model

Based on special needs of our clients we introduce a subscription model where our clients can choose for Advertising Services, Where our team will periodically post about your company's news, events, updates in advertising sites, submit your website to search engines periodically and generate international traffic by using modern marketing techniques.

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