System Re-Engineering - Rewrite history for better future

Restructuring or rewriting part or all of a system without changing its functionality is called system re-engineering. The main reason we suggest system re-engineering to our clients is when we are ready to put effort to make it easier to maintai, When system changes are confined to one subsystem and the subsystem needs to be reengineered, When hardware or software support becomes obsolete and When tools to support restructuring are readily available. We not only re-engineer your system but also do re-documentation for the re-engineered system.

System Re-Engineering Services

Our Approaches

Data cleanup

We analyze data records and values to improve quality, then we remove duplicates, and delete redundant information. Then we applay a consistent format to all records.

Data extension

We re-engineer data and programs to remove data processing limits. To acheieve this we rewrite data itself to reflect program changes.

Data migration

We move data to modern DBMS or store in separate files or an older DBMS.

Business redefinition

We identify business goals in the context of key drivers including cost reduction,time reduction, quality improvement and empowerment

Process identification

We identify and prioritize processes critical to achieving business goals.

Process evaluation

We analyze and measure existing processes, process costs and time, and then isloate quality/performance problems.

Process specification and design

We prepare use-cases for each process to be redesigned and new tasks are designed for each process.


We test processes before integrating them into the business

Refinement and instantiation

Based on feedback from the prototype, We refine business processes and then instantiated within a business system

Inventory analysis

We sort active software applications by business criticality, longevity, current maintainability, and other local criteria to help us identify re-engineering candidates.

Document restructuring options

Rather than living with weak documentation we update poor documents if they are used or we even fully rewrite the documentation for critical systems focusing on the "essential minimum".

Reverse engineering

We analyze a program in an effort to create a representation of the program at some abstraction level higher than source code.

Code restructuring

We analyze source code and violations of structured programming practices are noted and repaired then we review and test revised code.

Data restructuring

We fully reverse engineer current data architecture to dissect it into data models definition and we review existing data structures for quality

Forward engineering

We recover design information from existing source code and use this design information to reconstitute the existing system to improve its overall quality or performance

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