Application Development

Shrewdify Application development service is designed to envision, design and build effective applications that help you address functional gaps and achieve business goals. We provide Itoid IT consulting services for large-scale, distributed and socially engaging web and mobile platforms. As technical consultants, we understand your business vision to convert it into an optimized technical execution strategy. Next, we get you an optimized quotation and an optimized project execution plan. Up on acceptance we direct our in-house development team to make your vision into a real product.

Pre-plan and Research

In this phase our Itoid Team gets a basic idea of what the product is and then do the research in the market and then we devise a strategy on how the product must be for a better user experience , then collect critiques from our research team and provide the feedback to client.more..

Requirement Gathering And Assessment

In this phase we understand how the client want the product to look like and what all functionalities it must posses, then we assess these requirement about how much of the functionalities are possible in reality.more..

Build a prototype
Once the functionality we build a prototype with just functionality. We do not concentrate on user interface at this stage.Once prototype is ready we send it to client for feedback on functionality.
Design and Development of App
In this phase we concentrate on Apps in Platform perspective and End user perspective. We design the user interface and in here we follow a agile methodology for completing this phase.

In this phase we test for any faulty functions, screens, and test all the use-cases and we rigorously test the code for any bugs. Then our quality assurance teams makes sure about the quality and gives a green flag for launch. more..


We release the application into the desired platform and provide production support and maintenance .more..

Why to choose your Application Development Partner as Shrewdify

One of the most best things about us is we do not use any third party vendors, all work will be done by our in-house team. We work with lots of engagement and provide full fledge communication in every stage of the application development. We assure you you will feel that you are seeing your dream shape in front of you into a product. In the end, we do a detailed engineering review to make the product complete all aspects in terms of 3rd party integrations, API’s, performance, analytics and feedback, security, scalability along with assisting in the final launch architecture and deployment. So from us you will get a robust, efficient, smart, latest application for your company.

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