Mobile Application Development

Shrewdify Mobile Application development service is designed to smoothen the experience of getting your idea into the mobile world. We follow strict guidelines for User Interface Design for all the three platforms namely Android, Apple and Windows. We are known for our service as the Mobile Apps we develop are power efficient, screen efficient and completely user friendly. In order to achieve this outcome we use our AI techniques(Itoid Model) to find the best possible approaches for design, usage and implementation.


We start with your idea. We take that idea and refine into a solid basis for an application.


We define the app’s User Experience (UX) that is how the general layout will be, how it works, etc. Then we turn that UX into a proper User Interface (UI) design, with the help of a graphic designer.


Then intensively write code using our very smart developers, so in this step we will actual build the application.


Then our QA begins to test the application and bugs are fixed before application goes into a limited beta phase in which a wider user audience are given a chance to use it and provide feedback and inform changes more..


We release you application into respective app stores in turn giving access to your customers.

Our Mobile Application Development Service Platforms


As of 2017, 2.8 Million apps were developed by using Android and alone from Google Play store 65 billion downloads where made.

Stores we deploy into
  • Google Play Store( Link)
  • Amazon Appstore( Link)

Android developing services includes but not limited to
  • Mobile Phone Development
  • Tablet Development
  • Phablet Development
  • Android Wearable Development
  • Android App Testing & Validation
  • Android App Backend Development
  • Android App UI/UX Design
  • Android App Maintenance
  • Android App Upgrade Migration

Android development tools we use
  • Android Studio
  • Eclipse


As of 2017, 2.2 Million apps were developed for Apple Devices and alone from Apple App Store 180 billion downloads where made

Stores we deploy into
  • Apple App Store( Link)

Apple developing services includes but not limited to
  • iPad App Development
  • iPhone App Development
  • iOS App UI/UX Design
  • iOS App Testing & Validation
  • iOS App Backend Development
  • iOS App Maintenance Services
  • iOS App Upgrade Migration

Apple development tools we use
  • Swift

Cross Platform Development Service

Due to wide range of devices available today it has become very expensive to develop apps for each and every type of device. in this case we at Shrewdify provide you a commercially viable option of Cross Platform Development Service. With this a single code composition created with a cross-platform development tool can be used to target multiple platforms or devices. This also helps in decreasing hassles involved with updating and managing the portfolio of apps for your business.
Some of the Cross Platform Development tools we use at Shrewdify are

Our Deliverables

Why to choose Shrewdify ?

Your team may not always be best extension to develop your mobile application. It requires different levels of skills, know-how and technical insight to make a cutting-edge scalable mobile application. Shrewdify is a company with world-class technocrats who give you personal attention to your mobile application.

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