Realtime Software Development

Today many businesses are looking into making new hardware products to make life simple, secure and reliable. This applies to startups as well as established organizations.Realtime software development is the designing of software for a specific device may be a Drone, Arduino, Wearable or Robot. Such kind software is designed to address needs more precisely as opposed to the more traditional and widespread off-the-shelf software. Such software is created just for that specific entity and cannot be reused for other clients.

Hardware Requirements

We gather all the hardware requirements, component specifications and connection documents.

Circuit Design

Its very critical to design circuit and make all desired connections considering all real time scenarios.

Software Programming

We implement the functionality and induce intelligence into your product to communicate and make decisions.

Testing & Submission

We test your product in different environments, conditions and stress. And then we hand over the prototype to you.

Our Deliverables

Why to choose Shrewdify?

Our highly skilled team have technical intellect to make a cutting-edge scalable application. Shrewdify is a company with world-class technocrats who give you personal attention and expert touch to your software.

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