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Practice Unite

Our Roles

Purpose of PracticeUnite

PracticeUnite is to help Healthcare professionals collaborate more effectively, deliver better care and make it easier for them to do the invaluable work they do – whether in acute care or ambulatory settings. We’ve always understood that "people are the killer app," and that by connecting dedicated people across the care continuum – especially in large, dispersed healthcare systems – we empower them to be better coordinated, more efficient and more effective. The net result is lower cost, increased revenues and better patient experience.

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trellis about page
trellis about page
trellis about page

Our Responsibilities


Developed features for Practice Unite

Technical Challenges We Overcame

Development Methodology

AGILE – Bi-Weekly Sprints – a scrum master assigns tasks to developers, creates the scrum board and does daily stand-ups with the team.

Resources aligned by Ours

A Dedicated Engineering team was provided and managed by Ours. Team Includes:


Launched as Practice Unite –is used by nationally recognized healthcare systems including Bay Care, the Cleveland Clinic, Catholic Health Services and NYU.

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