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Purpose of Site

cookwish is huge collection of recipes with multiple cuisines. You can find your favourite food, drinks, snacks, healthy dishes and more and more.


Our Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Creation of Technical Requirements Specifications (SRS) [Business to IT Conversion]
    • In-depth conversations with the client to understand the business objectives and strategy. Discuss all cookwish usage scenarios, suggest appropriate workflows, validate assumptions, perform technical evangelism & technical feasibility analysis.
    • Define and Document all API calls and methods, JSON response formats
    • DB schema design, Account for Performance, security, scalability
  • Complete HTML5 and CSS3 development – designed for multiple platforms(mobile, tablet, desktops)
  • Planning the Entire project and Distribution into Sprints – Complete Scrum Planning
  • Full Coding of both Frontend and Backend Application Servers
  • Ongoing Project Management – Complete resource Planning and Delivery Management
  • QA Testing
  • Deployment to various environments (Dev, QA, Production)


  • Jquery, Javascript, Ajax
  • CakePhp
  • MySQL
  • Source code management(GIT)
  • Bug tracking tool (JIRA)
  • bootstrap, jquery template, font-awesome, raty.js
  • Domain
  • Logo


  • Jquery, Javascript, Ajax
  • CakePhp
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • JIRA
  • GIT, Bitbucket
  • 3rd Party integrations like bootstrap, rating, fontawesome

Features of

  • Registration and profile
  • Add Recipes
  • Rate to the Recipe
  • Favourite recipes
  • Advertising the multiple cusines recipes
    Chinese, Hyderabadi(India), Bengali(India), Assam(India)
    Italian, American, American Chinese, Brazilian, Canadian
    British, Europe, French, German, Goan, Exoitic, Koria, Kerala
    Maharashta, Mughali, Poland, Punjabi, Spanish, etc..
  • Advanced Search
  • Sorting based on
    • Most popular
    • Less Making Time
    • Lesser Ingredients
  • Demographics to admin
  • Upload images
  • search with ingredient in add recepies, if no results to search then searched text is add to ingredients

Technical Challenges we Overcame

Rating of recipe - cookwish is a recipe publishing. Challenge in rating a recipes, if user authenticate then user can able to rate recipe and automatically update the overal recipe rating.
Ingredient to recipe - search with ingredient in add recepies, if no results to search then searched text is adding to ingredients list
Recipes Loading - we faced challenges in recepies loading.

Development Methodologies

AGILE – Bi-Weekly Sprints – a scrum master assigns tasks to developers, creates the scrum board and does daily stand-ups with the team.

Resources aligned by us

A Dedicated Engineering team was provided and managed by us. Team Includes:

  • 2 dedicated backend developers
  • 1 dedicated frontend developers
  • 1 dedicated web (html5 and css3) developer
  • 1 dedicated QA engineer
  • 50% of a senior tech architect who also does scrum planning
  • Some involvement from a senior delivery manager (5%)


Launched as – In use by 10000+ users in the India.

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