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We are Aquatic Plant & Aquarium fish providers of Goldfish, Angelfish, Guppies etc. We also deal with Aquatic plants of various varieties. You will find Fishes and Aquatic plants at unbeatable price in the market and anything you need to setup or maintain an aquarium shipping at your home.


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Technical Challenges we Overcame

Landing page design and data presentation - we faced challenge in dynamical data representation in landing page,we get the random data from business logic then pass to landing page.

Development Methodologies

AGILE – Bi-Weekly Sprints – a scrum master assigns tasks to developers, creates the scrum board and does daily stand-ups with the team.

Resources aligned by us

A Dedicated Engineering team was provided and managed by us. Team Includes:


Launched as – In use by 100+ users in the India.

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